What are risk factors for relapse?

The process of recovery (and relapse) is often influenced by several relapse risk factors, including: The severity and consequences of addiction; Co-occurring mental or medical conditions; and. The individuals coping skills, motivation, and support system. What causes relapse in bulimia? The results showed: Negative stressful life events, in particular, higher work stress (e.g., serious difficulties … Read more

Can bulimia affect breathing?

While lung problems are a lesser-known side effect of bulimia, bulimic behaviors can certainly damage the lungs. The main risk to the lungs comes from frequent vomiting. This behavior can cause lung aspiration. This happens when someone inhales foreign materials, like vomit. Which is a physical consequence associated with bulimia? Effects of Bulimia on Physical … Read more

When I eat my parotid gland swells?

Generally, your gland starts to make saliva during a meal. But because of a blockage, the saliva might start to back up into the parotid gland. This can cause pain and swelling. Sometimes the gland and duct can become infected as a result. What is the cause of enlarged parotid glands in clients with eating … Read more

What is the purpose of a CBT assessment?

You and your therapist will analyse your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to work out if they’re unrealistic or unhelpful and to determine the effect they have on each other and on you. Your therapist will be able to help you work out how to change unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. What is CBT for bulimia nervosa? … Read more

What are the factors that affect energy balance?

It is caused by the interaction of multiple genetic and environmental factors. Among these are excessive caloric and food intake, insufficient physical activity, genetic predisposition, family history of obesity, individual metabolism, and behavioral factors. What is the equation for energy balance? The change in internal, potential and kinetic energy of the system equals enthalpy goes … Read more

What does yellow vomit mean?

Green or yellow vomit may indicate that you’re bringing up a fluid called bile. This fluid is created by the liver and stored in your gallbladder. Bile isn’t always cause for concern. You may see it if you have a less serious condition that causes vomiting while your stomach is empty. What are three physical … Read more

How many children do the Bush twins have?

The Bush twins want girls who read Superpower Sisterhood to recognize how much a “chosen family” – be that a group of cousins or friends or even colleagues – can achieve when they support one another. Now 40 years old, Jenna now has two girls and a son of her own, and Barbara has a … Read more

What is Higgins self-discrepancy theory?

The self-discrepancy theory proposes that people’s behavior is motivated to reduce the self-discrepancy between the self that they actually present and the self they ought or wish to be (Higgins, 1987). What is AN actual ought discrepancy? An actual/ought discrepancy triggers agitated depression (characterized by feelings of guilt, apprehension, anxiety or fear). An actual/ideal discrepancy … Read more

Which brain structure has been studied the most in trying to understand eating disorders?

Most fMRI studies performed in patients with anorexia nervosa focused on food, taste, physical appearance and social cognition. Although very different in terms of the study protocol, the most common findings are increased activation of the amygdala and altered activation of the cingulate cortex. How does the cognitive approach explain bulimia? According to the cognitive … Read more

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