Is Elizabeth on General Hospital sick?

The actress has been sidelined by viral meningitis. “Due to illness of Rebecca Herbst, the role of Elizabeth Webber will be temporarily recast by Martha Madison with a first airdate of June 8,” a GH spokesperson tells Soap Central.

Is the actress who plays Elizabeth on General Hospital pregnant in real life?

Rebecca Herbst has a baby on the way! Congratulations are in order for General Hospital star Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) and husband Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan, GH). ABC Soaps In Depth announced the couple is expecting their third child.

Is Elizabeth leaving General Hospital?

Rebecca Herbst Shoots Down General Hospital Rumors: “I Haven’t Been Fired” Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber) is letting fans know she’s not leaving General Hospital anytime soon. The actress cleared up online rumors about her tenure on GH and assured fans she hasn’t been let go by the show on Twitter.

Who is leaving General Hospital soap?

Kelly Thiebaud Is Leaving ‘General Hospital’ and Returning to ‘Station 19’ : ‘Excited to Be Back’

Is Elizabeth leaving General Hospital May 2022?

On her way out. A rep at ABC has confirmed that Rebecca Herbst will be leaving Port Charles. Per their statement: “Storyline dictates the exit of Elizabeth Webber this spring. The next few months promise to be a ‘not to miss’ story for the character.

Is Willow on GH pregnant?

In the June 29 episode, Willow fainted at the Metro Court pool, and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) rushed her to the hospital. Willow finally learned the reason for her condition. According to, Willow is pregnant. Willow’s pregnancy is exciting news for her and Michael.

Is Bailey on GH a real baby?

Brook Lynn faked her own birth and presented Valentin with Bailey Louise, his child she had supposedly been carrying this whole time. Valentin and the Quartermaines doted on the beautiful infant, though Maxie’s constant visits grew to be a source of concern, so she left town temporarily so she wouldn’t ruin the scheme.

Who is the real baby on General Hospital?

The real-life daughter of Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Brandon Barash (Johnny), one-year-old Harper Rose Barash, will make her GH debut tomorrow in the role of Storms’s on-screen daughter, Georgie, who arrives in Port Charles with her father, Bradford Anderson’s returning Spinelli.

Who is the new girl at the hospital on General Hospital?

Friday’s, March 25th episode of General Hospital, brought with it the on-screen debut of Tabyana Ali as Trina Robinson. As viewers know, Ali replaced popular actress Sydney Mikayla in the role.

Is Steve Burton coming back to General Hospital?

Though GH fans certainly miss him as Jason Morgan, Burton couldn’t be more thrilled about reprising his role as Harris Michaels — a DOOL character he originated in 1988 and is now reprising for Beyond Salem starting Monday. New episodes will drop each day through next Friday.

Is Tiffany coming back to General Hospital?

Wyatt returned as Tiffany in a surprise guest appearance in John Reilly’s tribute episode on May 21, 2021, in a voice-only appearance. Tiffany was heard via telephone over a number of scenes played throughout the episode.

Who is Willow from General Hospital married to in real life?

Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) has been married to Russell Young since 1992. The couple has three children together, Sadie Beatrice, Dylan Joseph and Cash Justice.

When did Rebecca Herbst have her third child?

Rebecca gave birth to her baby with her husband and former co-star Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan) on August 9. The baby’s name has not been released, but Saucedo tweeted he was born at 8 lbs, 4 oz. The couple’s new bundle of joy joins brother Ethan, 8, and sister Ella, 5.

Is the character Nina Reeves leaving General Hospital?

On March 30, 2019, Soap Opera Digest announced that Stafford is departing from General Hospital to return to The Young and the Restless as Phyllis Summers, in mid or late spring. On April 11, 2019, Soap Opera Digest announced that Cynthia Watros will replace Stafford as Nina and will begin taping in June.

Who owns Kelly’s on General Hospital?

When Ruby passed away in 1999, she left Kelly’s in the hands of her niece and nephew, Luke and Bobbie Spencer. Luke found it especially difficult to keep Kelly’s afloat without Ruby.

Is Trina leaving General Hospital?

Soap actress Sydney Mikayla’s emotional exit from “General Hospital” was felt by fans everywhere. Her last scenes in March 2022 as assertive, honest, and dependable Trina Robinson oozed the spark that made her such a well-loved character in the first place, per She Knows Soaps.

Is Michael leaving General Hospital?

ABC has confirmed to that Drew Garrett is leaving the role of Michael Corinthos on General Hospital.

Who is the new guy on General Hospital?

Cody Bell made his debut on GENERAL HOSPITAL in the June 1 episode in dramatic fashion, and some soap fans might find the guy a little familiar, particularly if they’re an ABC Daytime fan.

Who is Nina’s daughter Willow or Nelle?

HOLLYWOOD—We knew the writers on the ABC soap “General Hospital” were heading in this direction, but on April 8, viewers got confirmation that Willow is indeed Nina Reeves daughter! Yes, that means Nelle was Willow’s twin sister and neither woman knew it.

Does Leo on GH have autism?

In the April 22 and April 25 episodes, General Hospital spotlights the journey of Ned and Olivia who are in the process of adopting Leo, who also happens to have autism.

Are Michael and Willow from General Hospital dating in real life?

They are both on the show General Hospital. They play a couple on-screen and have great chemistry, which is what the story needs. Some of their fans also think they are dating, which is not true.

Is Josslyn pregnant on General Hospital?

She tells Joss that she is pregnant with Sonny’s baby and Joss is shocked, but happy.

Is Maxie on GH pregnant in real life?

‘General Hospital’ star Kirsten Storms clarifies she is not pregnant in real life | Kirsten storms, General hospital, Pregnant.

How old is Georgie GH?

Georgie is born Georgianna Jones on March 7, 1995, under a table at a club owned by Luke Spencer. She was conceived when professional spy Frisco came back to town to visit his first daughter Maxie who needed a heart transplant. Frisco and his ex-wife Felicia slept together in relief Maxie is going to live.

Are Carly and Peter married in real life?

Their characters—Carly Corinthos and Peter August—are often involved in separate storylines in the fictional city of Port Charles. However, behind the scenes, Wright and Ramsey are a real-life couple. The pair has talked about their relationship in the media, and Wright recently shared a nickname Ramsey gave her.

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