Is Imran Anorexic in Hollyoaks?

Hollyoaks’ Imran Maalik is going to be the focus of an eating disorder storyline, after struggling with his faith and getting wrapped up in romantic drama. Viewers will start to see hints of it in upcoming scenes, especially as efforts to set him up with Serena Chen-Williams don’t go to plan.

Who had anorexia in Hollyoaks?

Hannah gets treatment in an eating disorder unit and is deemed fit for release after two months. The Ashworths begin family therapy and Hannah is forced to confront the issues which led to her problems. Hannah gets her life back on track and begins attending Hollyoaks Community College.

What happened to Hannah from Hollyoaks?

The character was ultimately sectioned, spending two months in hospital before returning to Hollyoaks to make a fresh start – but she left the soap in 2010 after her character suffered a relapse of her eating disorder.

Has Imran got an eating disorder in Hollyoaks?

Imran ended up befriending Serena Chen-Williams, comforting her after she faced being kicked off her track & field team. He began to get fitness advice from Serena, becoming self-conscious about his weight and physique. He also began eating considerably less, resulting in Imran collapsing on several occasions.

What happened to Emma Rigby?

After the show was axed in 2014, she landed roles in films such as Endless Love and American Violence, and most recently appeared in the BBC Three film Make Me Famous as the star of a reality series similar to Love Island.

What happened to Imran in Hollyoaks?

Their mother Misbah (Harvey Virdi) chooses to help Yasmine out, leaving Imran to get out alone. The car explodes and Yasmine and her family thought Imran was killed in the explosion.

Who was Sarah in Hollyoaks?

Sarah Jayne Dunn (born 25 September 1981) is an English actress, known for portraying the role of Mandy Richardson on the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks from 1996 until 2021. In November 2021, Dunn was dropped from Hollyoaks after she joined the adult subscription service OnlyFans.

Who is Imrans mum?

Saira Habeeb was a character in Coronation Street from 2016 to 2018. She is the mother of Imran Habeeb and Rana Nazir, and wife of Hassan Habeeb. She was played by Kim Vithana.

Who is Zain in Hollyoaks?

Hollyoaks (TV Series 1995– ) – Jonas Khan as Zain Randeri, Zain Rizwaan – IMDb.

Who is Eric in Hollyoaks?

Angus Castle-Doughty joined Hollyoaks earlier this year as Eric Foster – but did you know that before appearing on the soap, he also starred in two huge Netflix series?

Who did Emma Rigby play once upon a time?

Emma Rigby is the British actress who portrays the Red Queen on ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

What happened to Serena on Hollyoaks?

As his frustration was at an all-time high, Ali made a rash decision when Serena Chen-Williams (Emma Lau) was rushed to the hospital with what looked like a broken leg. Earlier that night, she had fallen off a playground house roof while out with her sisters Lizzie (Lily Best) and Maxine (Nikki Sanderson).

How old is Nadira Hollyoaks?

Before she became a familiar face on Channel 4, the 24-year-old was part of the line-up in the 2020 Get Even spin-off series Rebel Cheer Squad.

Who are Misbahs children Hollyoaks?

Very shortly after, Misbah met and married Kashif Maalik, who already had a son – Sami – from his previous marriage to Sheebah Desai. In 1992, Misbah gave birth to her and Kashif’s first child, Farrah. They then went on to have two more children: Yasmine in 2000 and Imran in 2002 or 2003.

Who killed Sarah in Hollyoaks?

Lydia’s relationship to the sexually confused Sarah Barnes (Loui Batley) was central to the character for the seven months leading up to her screen death in October 2009 after she was murdered by Lydia.

Who cut Sarahs parachute in Hollyoaks?

Promoted Stories. Sarah, girlfriend Lydia and former flame Zoe decided to go skydiving – but Lydia’s jealousy led to tragic scenes. She sabotaged one of the parachutes with a knife, intending on Zoe selecting it.

Who is Alfie on Corrie?

Alfie Fletcher, along with his twin brother Mikey, appeared as Zack Rubinstein on Coronation Street from May to June 2018, although he was uncredited. During this time the character was also played by another set of twins, Phoenix & Sebastian Winnington, who additionally played the role briefly in 2019.

Who is Imran’s mother in Coronation Street?

Margaret Badini, before making her first appearance as Saira Habeeb in Coronation Street over one year later. That’s not all, as Kim has been a familiar face on our TV screens for over three decades, after making her TV debut in Family Pride in 1991.

Who is Misbah boyfriend?

Misbah recently seized the moment and got married to her boyfriend, Zain Randeri (Jonas Khan) when her son Shaq’s (Omar Malik) wedding day to Nadira Vali (Ashling O’Shea) imploded amid shock revelations and confessions!

Who is the fastest bowler in the world?

Shoaib Akhtar has bowled the fastest ball in cricket history at a speed of 161.3kmph against England in 2003 Cricket World Cup.

What is Eric secret in Hollyoaks?

Eric was the only son of Charlotte Hutchinson, with Edward Hutchinson neglecting to tell Eric and his sister Verity that he had fathered another son – Tony – with his first wife Victoria in 1977.

Who played Carol Thursday in Endeavour?

Carol Thursday is Charlie and Paulette’s daughter, portrayed by Emma Rigby. She appears to be a similar age to her cousin, Joan. First seen in Series 5, Episode 2, Cartouche, when Charlie and his family visit Fred’s family in Oxford.

Is Emma Swan in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland?

Emma Swan, also known as the Savior and the Greatest Light, formerly as the Dark One or the Dark Swan, briefly as Princess Leia, and alternatively as Princess Emma, is a character on ABC’s Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

How old are Rigby and Mordecai?

The series revolves around the daily lives of two 23-year-old friends, Mordecai (a blue jay), and Rigby (a raccoon). They work as groundskeepers at a park, and spend their days trying to avoid work and entertain themselves by any means.

Who played Anastasia in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland?

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (TV Series 2013–2014) – Emma Catherine Rigby as The Red Queen, Anastasia – IMDb.

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