Is Taylor Armstrong still friends?

Taylor is still friends with both Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump.

What did Brandi say to Taylor about her husband?

“Were you successful? ‘Cause your husband …” Brandi snapped at Taylor, with the rest of her insult appearing to have been cut off. “I don’t think that’s successful.” A few of the other “Housewives” called out Brandi’s comment in a confessional.

What happened to Taylor Armstrong?

She left the show after Season 3, moving to Vail to “let go of what had happened and try to find (herself) again,” she told Bravo. After nearly 10 years away from the cameras, Armstrong is now returning in “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Ex-Wives Club,” which premiered on Peacock on June 23.

Why are Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle no longer friends?

A majority of the cast members thought that Lisa had leaked a story about Dorit, 45, to Radar Online, and Kyle took it upon herself to confront Lisa with the accusations, which LVP vehemently denied all season long. They got into a huge fight at Lisa’s home and officially dissolved their friendship.

Was Cedric deported RHOBH?

It’s mildly amusing that whenever they need an interesting story line, they use me. But, to be clear, I was not deported. I’m happier than ever, following my dreams, far away from the scripted back-stabbing on which Lisa has built her “brand.” “

Where did Taylor think Kennedy was?

Taylor says she was shocked to find out that Kennedy was not at her mother’s house. ‘(I was) shocked on the phone to hear Kennedy was at Kim’s (party) because that was not the specific instruction and plan we had for the weekend,’ she wrote. ‘I take my responsibility for Kennedy more seriously than anything.

What did Brandi say to Taylor that was bleeped out?

“You are a horrible person and you are a liar!” Brandi Glanville told Kyle Richards, as they all spoke angrily over each other, before she got so insultive that it was bleeped out. See some of the nastiest moments below.

How much is Taylor from Real Housewives worth?

As of 2022, Taylor Armstrong has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. She rose to fame with RHOBH, which premiered in 2010.

What happened to Taylor’s husband?

During her time on RHOBH, viewers saw the ups and downs in Taylor’s marriage to Russell. In July 2011, the TV personality filed for divorce, citing physical and verbal abuse. One month later, Russell was found dead of suicide by hanging.

Who’s the richest on RHOBH?

  • She’s a Bosnian refugee.
  • One of her first jobs was clerking at Covent Garden.
  • She bought Melissa Obadash swimwear.
  • She was married to one of Britain’s 500 wealthiest men.
  • She pulls in some money from her company Neuro.

How did Taylor Armstrong get rich?

Taylor Armstrong The reality star acquired her wealth via her marriage to late husband and venture capitalist Russell Armstrong. She is also a successful businesswoman in her own right.

Did LVP leak the story to radar?

“When Lisa lost the narrative in the show, and she realized that it wasn’t going the way she wanted, that’s when she leaked the story to the press,” “RHOBH” executive producer Chris Cullen told Dave Quinn in his “Housewives” tell-all book “Not All Diamonds and Rosé.”

Who is richer Kathy Hilton or Diana Jenkins?

If correct (and that’s a big “if”), this would make her the richest Housewife on Beverly Hills — and the second-richest cast member (behind “friend of” and caviar enthusiast Kathy Hilton, who apparently comes in at a cool $350 million).

Are Brandi Glanville and Lisa still friends?

Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville from RHOBH had a strong friendship, but their clashing personalities meant it was always destined to fall apart. Some friendships aren’t built to last, and in the case of Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, this is undoubtedly true.

Why did Lisa kick Cedric out?

Why did Cedric leave the show? Previously, Lisa has admitted that she was scared Cedric would sell stories about her and her husband to the press after the pair had their falling-out. She told Us Weekly in 2011, “I will sue if he sells any stories about me. I feel absolutely betrayed.”

Did Cedric lie to Lisa about his childhood?

But Cedric says he never lied about his childhood. Bravo did a thorough background check and had a “conference call” with his foster parents. Cedric says he’s still in touch with some of the Housewives, but refuses to name names. He says they’ve finally seen Lisa’s “true colors.”

Why did Cedric and Lisa have a falling out?

In 2011, Lisa told Us Weekly they had a falling out over his laziness around the house. Ken Todd said that Cedric threatened to sell stories about the couple to magazines and also threatened violence. Lisa said she felt “absolutely betrayed” but Cedric said they just got bored of him.

When did Russell break Taylors eye socket?

In the her memoir, Taylor describes having her jaw dislocated after Russell hit her following a 2011 Superbowl party in Dallas.

How is Adrienne Maloof doing?

Adrienne Maloof is focused on raising her kids Maloof revealed that she has moved on from Nassif, although her love life comes second to raising her three sons with her ex, Gavin, Christian, and Colin.

What happened to Kennedy Armstrong?

Despite the tragic loss she experienced in her childhood, it seems that Kennedy is all grown up — and thriving. Although Kennedy lives her life out of the spotlight, her private Instagram bio reveals that she’s a student at San Juan Hills High School and has taken a major interest in cheerleading.

Who is richer Kyle or Kathy Hilton?

What Is Kathy Hilton’s Net Worth? How The ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Star Makes Money. Spoiler: She’s worth more than her sister Kyle and co-star Erika Jayne combined.

What is the lie Adrienne told Brandi?

Brandi then called Adrienne a “liar” and spilled a secret that had everyone shocked. Although Bravo never aired what Brandi said, it was later revealed that she claimed Adrienne and Paul from RHOBH lied about carrying her twin boys and had actually used a surrogate.

What did Russell Armstrong do for a living?

Russell Armstrong net worth: Russell Armstrong was an American investment banker and venture capitalist who had a net worth of -$1 million at the time of his death according to various reports. With his wife Taylor, he became notable after appearing on the first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Did Brandi Glanville know Russell?

She didn’t have a relationship with Russell. And so I still am shocked actually, as you can tell.” Taylor also opened up about her dynamic with Brandi that we will see play out more as this season of RHUGT continues.

Who is the poorest RHOBH?

  • NeNe Leakes: $12 Million.
  • Ramona Singer: $18 Million.
  • Shannon Beador: $20 Million.
  • Bethenny Frankel: $25 Million.
  • Heather Dubrow: $30 Million.
  • Kandi Burruss: $35 Million.
  • Adrienne Maloof: $50 Million.
  • Kyle Richards: $100 Million.
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