Was White Christmas originally black and white?

Since Holiday Inn was a black & white film, the sets were probably originally painted in grayscale, as color palette schemes would have been a waste of resources in 1942.

Why did Vera-Ellen’s neck have to be covered?

In any event, to the matter at hand – the story is that Vera-Ellen’s neck had to be covered up in White Christmas because the costumes were designed to cover her neck, which was aged beyond her years due to her eating disorder. If you search around, you’ll get that basic story in lots of places.

How old was Vera-Ellen when she became a Rockette?

Vera-Ellen started dancing at age 10. And at 18, she became one of the youngest Radio City Rockettes, performing in several Broadway shows before heading to Hollywood.

How old was Judy in White Christmas?

Twenty-six-year-old Clooney played older sister Betty and 33-year-old Vera-Ellen played the younger sister Judy. Even more striking is the age difference between Rosemary and her male counterpart. Crosby was 51, falling in love on screen with 26-year-old Clooney.

Who was the child ballerina in White Christmas?

‘White Christmas’ allows actress to delve into classic music. Amy Bodnar started out as a ballet dancer, but became a star by singing in musicals.

Is The Lodge in White Christmas real?

The answer: the town of Pine Tree, Vermont, was fictional, and so was the ski lodge from the movie. Most of the interior and exterior sets were built on a soundstage at Paramount Studios in L.A.

Did Vera-Ellen ever dance with Gene Kelly?

She danced with Fred Astaire in Three Little Words (1950) and with Gene Kelly in On the Town (1949). Blonde, slim of build, and a dancing sensation, she appeared in a string of light-hearted but successful films. Vera-Ellen retired from acting in the late 1950s.

Where did they film White Christmas?

“White Christmas” was filmed from September to December 1953, entirely in southern California, according to film library archivists at the Fairbanks Center for Motion Picture Study in Beverly Hills, California. Most of the filming was done on sound stages at Paramount Studios.

Who were the dancers in White Christmas?

John F. Brascia (May 11, 1932 – February 19, 2013) was an American actor and dancer, best known for his dancing partnerships on film with Vera-Ellen in White Christmas (1954) and with Cyd Charisse and Liliane Montevecchi in Meet Me in Las Vegas (1956).

Is anyone from White Christmas still alive?

Anne Whitfield is still alive as of this writing. Young Susan Waverly, who wasn’t more than 16 when the movie was released, is now 78 years old.

How old was Bing Crosby in White Christmas?

While acting as one of the movie’s romantic couples, Crosby was 51 years old. Clooney was 26.

Why does Judy in White Christmas always wear turtlenecks?

Personal life. Vera-Ellen was an extremely thin woman for much of her adult life. A Hollywood rumor that her neck was always covered during the filming of White Christmas because of wrinkling caused by supposed anorexia persists to this day.

What Christmas song makes the most money?

Promoted Stories. The Mirror reports that Slade’s Merry Xmas Everybody, which was released in 1973, is the highest-earning hit.

Why does Betty leave in White Christmas?

They come up with a plan to help the General out, but a misunderstanding leads to a rift between Bob and Betty, leaving it to Phil and Judy to try and get them back together.

Was Vera-Ellen’s voice dubbed in White Christmas?

1. Vera-Ellen (Judy) wasn’t a singer. Most of her singing parts were dubbed by a woman named Trudy Stevens. Vera-Ellen’s own voice was used once — when the foursome got off the train in Vermont, and they broke out in the “Snow” song all over again.

What does Betty give Bob in White Christmas?

The show—and the romantic culmination—is what the entire story has been building toward. Climactic Moment: Betty gives Bob the statuette of a knight on a white horse—and they make up.

Is there a pine tree Vermont?

The white pine is one of Vermont’s most important trees.

What style of dance is in White Christmas?

Strong in Ballroom, Jazz and Tap. Dance style is 1950’s Hollywood movie musical style.

Who dances with Mitzi Gaynor in White Christmas?

(1952) Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby, and Mitzi Gaynor performing a dance number for the film “White Christmas” . , 1952.

Who was the better dancer Fred or Gene?

So Fred Astaire was the more interesting dancer, and the influence of his films is still reflected even in contemporary pop culture to a greater degree (in my opinion) than Gene Kelly’s.

Is Columbia inn Pine Tree Vermont a real place?

The beloved Columbia Inn and its hometown of Pine Tree may not be real, but they are perhaps the most visited places during the holidays. Families gather together to enjoy the timeless snapshots of the essence of Vermont captured in this film. What is your favorite holiday movie?

Is there really a Columbia inn in Vermont?

While there is no Columbia Inn, there is West Hill House B&B in Warren, Vermont, a place to enjoy a white Christmas and winter in all its glory.

Was Holiday Inn a real place?

The 1942 film “Holiday Inn” is set in a Connecticut inn that is only open on holidays. The movie, set in fictional Midville, was actually shot in California. The inn in the film was later revamped to be a Vermont inn in the movie “White Christmas.”

Who choreographed White Christmas?

White Christmas (1954) It’s Bob Fosse, the uncredited choreographer of Paramount’s first VistaVision musical, indisputably demonstrating that “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing.” 35mm, Technicolor, 120 min. Director: Michael Curtiz. Screenwriter: Norman Krasna, Norman Panama, Melvin Frank.

Were Holiday Inn and White Christmas filmed on the same set?

Riding high on the reception of ‘Holiday Inn’ Paramount hoped to repeat their success with ‘White Christmas’ and considered it a loose remake of the earlier film. In fact, the studio opted to use the exact same farmhouse in both pictures.

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