What disorder does Evan Hansen have?

Adapted from the 2016 Broadway musical of the same name, “Dear Evan Hansen” is a coming-of-age musical teen drama focusing on Evan Hansen (Ben Platt), a high school senior struggling with social anxiety disorder.

Is Dear Evan Hansen about mental health?

In Dear Evan Hansen’s earliest stages, it might not have been apparent what a large community the musical would tap into when it premiered in 2016. The Tony-winning show about teens who struggle with depression and anxiety has fueled a heartrending conversation about mental health that has only grown more relevant.

How did Ben Platt lose weight for Dear Evan Hansen?

As such, to mirror that, Platt went on a diet and lost about 18 pounds. On top of that, as Platt explained, he has a lot of facial hair, and as such, he also shaved a lot, as Evan doesn’t have much facial hair.

Does Dear Evan Hansen have Aspergers?

For some bizarre reason, the A-word is never mentioned, but Evan is clearly borderline Asperger’s, if not full-on autistic. I know because I’m a certified member of the club. Perhaps if the word “autism” slipped in we might not find Evan’s odd behavior so doggone adorable.

Is the character in Dear Evan Hansen autistic?

Evan Hansen, especially as played by Ben Platt, is a seventeen-year old boy with anxiety and depression who lacks friends and doesn’t feel seen, his crippling social anxiety compounded by shyness. His physicality is highly autistically coded, his body language expressing fear and low status.

What is the message behind Dear Evan Hansen?

The film doesn’t show graphic self-harm or idealize it in any way. In fact, the film’s message around mental health is an important one: many people are suffering silently. While Connor doesn’t get to tell his story to the audience, other characters get to tell theirs. Evan suffers from a social anxiety disorder.

Is Dear Evan Hansen inappropriate?

Dear Evan Hansen is rated PG-13 for language and suicide. While there are some differences between the musical and the movie, the Dear Evan Hansen movie is a bit more kid friendly that the musical on Broadway. They toned down some of the raunchiness and the f-words.

What medications did Evan Hansen take?

Evan was the co-president of The Connor Project with Alana Beck. He works at a Pottery Barn at the end of the show. (although this is never concisely stated in the musical) He has severe anxiety and takes medication to help keep it under control, he takes Lexapro and Ativan.

Is Evan Hansen Based on true story?

The musical and movie were inspired by the true story of Benj Pasek, the show’s lyricist, who, after a high school classmate died of a drug overdose, witnessed classmates tell false stories of being part of the deceased student’s life.

Is Dear Evan Hansen good for children?

However, this story should be read by mature 14 year olds, maybe 13 and up. There are a couple of innuendos, a lot of references to drugs and smoking, and a lot of cursing.

Is Dear Evan Hansen accurate?

Yes, Dear Evan Hansen is loosely based on a true story – Washington Post reports the plot was inspired by lyricist Benj Pasek’s “traumatic event” during his high school life in the Philadelphia suburbs. Producer Stacy Mindich revealed: “A student in [Pasek’s] class died tragically of a drug overdose.

What is Ben Platt doing now?

Platt’s film credits include the Pitch Perfect film series, Ricki and the Flash (2015), and Run This Town (2019). Since 2019, he has starred in the Netflix comedy-drama series The Politician, for which he was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy.

How old is the main character of Dear Evan Hansen?

Ben Platt plays Evan Hansen, the 17-year-old protagonist with social anxiety whose lies eventually catch up with him. In “Dear Evan Hansen,” Evan writes letters to himself as an assignment from his therapist.

How long did Ben Platt play Evan Hansen?

After seven years of playing Evan Hansen, Platt gets to step out of the character’s shadow. Now, he just has to allow himself to enjoy it.

Why did they change Jared’s last name?

On stage, his Evan Hansen character was portrayed as straight and Jewish, but Dodani requested that Jared’s surname change from Kleinman to something Indian (it’s now Kalwani). “I was just talking about how cool would it be for Jared to have an Indian last name,” he tells EW.

Is Aspergers an illness?

Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a developmental disorder. Young people with Asperger’s Syndrome have a difficult time relating to others socially and their behavior and thinking patterns can be rigid and repetitive.

Is Evan from good trouble autistic?

Biography. Evan had a complex childhood. He struggled with social anxiety, germaphobia, and being on the Autism spectrum. He was always different from other children his age.

What state does Dear Evan Hansen take place in?

Adapted from stage-to-screen by Steven Levenson of Bethesda, Maryland, the story follows awkward teenager Evan Hansen (Platt), whose single mom (Julianne Moore) agrees with his therapist that he should write letters to himself to cope with his anxiety.

What did Evan Hansen do?

He invents a fabricated email account to “prove” their friendship, and when a fake suicide note makes its way online, Evan finds himself the unintended face of a viral video about loneliness and friendship. As his social currency skyrockets, Evan is drawn deeper and deeper into the lie.

Do Connor’s parents forgive Evan?

In the musical, Connor’s parents storm out when they find out what he’s done, but there’s no huge outburst of anger and he gets forgiven in the end. No one except the Murphy’s and Evan’s mom find out that Connor’s suicide note was written by Evan and that they weren’t actually friends.

What happened to Evan Hansen’s arm?

Pre-Musical Before the musical takes place, Evan climbed a tree and accidentally let’s go of a branch, breaking his arm as told in For Forever. Evan has severe social anxiety, causing him to ramble on and on from nervousness and stutter.

Does Zoe forgive Evan?

Zoe, who’s now a senior in high school, invites Evan to the orchard where he thanks her family for never revealing his secret to the public—never telling the world he lied about Connor. And, rather incredulously, Zoe absolves Evan and the audience of any guilt.

Is Dear Evan Hansen appropriate for an 8 year old?

I would not recommend Dear Evan Hansen for kids younger than 12-years old. Though I would honestly recommend at least high school age for my more sensitive kids.

Is La La Land ok for 12 year old?

Age Appropriate For: 13+. This musical about two artists falling in love in Los Angeles has some kissing, unmarried characters living together, some drinking, and one use of the f-word and some rude gestures.

Is 12 Year Old appropriate?

Great film, but not for kids under 13 I recommend this film to everyone who loves slightly disturbing films and TV shows like me but for anyone under the age of 13 you really should not watch it. It’s very gory and contains adult language.

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