What does Nyasha represent in Nervous Conditions?

The significance of Nyasha in “Nervous Conditions” involves her apparent rebellious nature and her reluctance to accept the norm. Her unwillingness to conform to the ideals of a sexist society perpetuates her into a constant struggle against the patriarchal system.

How does tambu feel about Nyasha?

Tambu is caught between idolizing Nyasha and demonizing her, as she recognizes that Nyasha’s ability to think abstractly is compelling but potentially dangerous—it leads Nyasha to question the status quo, something that, if Tambu were to follow suit, would jeopardize her educational opportunities.

How does tambu change in Nervous Conditions?

Throughout Nervous Conditions, the adult Tambu looks back on her adolescence and her struggle to emerge into adulthood and formulate the foundation on which her adult life would be built. There are essentially two Tambus in the novel, and the narrator Tambu successfully generates tension between them.

How was Nyasha’s rebellion successful?

Her successful rebellion has led to the liberation of her mind. The drama of rebellion is more strongly manifested in the female figure of Nyasha. She is strongly aware of the injustice of patriarchal beliefs and how gender discrimination is restricting her development.

What type of person is Nyasha?

Highly intelligent, perceptive, and inquisitive, Nyasha is old beyond her years. Like the other female characters in Nervous Conditions, she is complex and multifaceted, and her dual nature reflects her status as the product of two worlds, Africa and England.

What does Nyasha mean?

What is the meaning of the name Nyasha? Meaning of Nyasha: Name Nyasha in the African origin, means Italian and Portuguese version of modest that means not bragging one’s achievement.. Name Nyasha is of African origin and is a Girl name. People with name Nyasha are usually Judaism by religion.

How does Babamukuru react after Nyasha punches him in the eye?

“I told you not to hit me”, said Nyasha, punching him in the eye. Babamukuru bellowed and snorted that if Nyasha was going to behave like a man, then by his mother who was at rest in her grave he would fight her like one.

Who does Tambudzai want to be like?

Nyasha represents Tambudzai’s aspirations to escape her traditional family and patriarchy. Nyasha is Tambudzai’s cousin who is the same age and who she is close to. Tambudzai looks up to Nyasha as she is wiser than her and she kind of wants to be like her.

How does tambu view Babamukuru?

Tambu idolizes Babamukuru and continues to do so throughout the novel, especially when she sees how rich and powerful he is. Though Tambu struggles to recognize it, Babamukuru isn’t entirely good. He’s upset that his children are so anglicized.

What is the setting of Nervous Conditions?

Nervous Conditions is set in colonial Rhodesia before it became Zimbabwe, and tells the story of a young girl named Tambu and her family.

Who is the protagonist in Nervous Conditions?

Tambu. The novel’s narrator and protagonist. An intelligent, hardworking, and curious fourteen-year-old girl, Tambu is hungry for an education and eager to escape life on the homestead. While she is sensitive and kind, she is also often harsh and unyielding in her judgments.

What is the theme of Nervous Conditions?

One important theme in Nervous Conditions is that of remembering and forgetting—especially the danger of Tambu’s forgetting who she is, where she came from—as her brother Nhamo did. Dangarembga acknowledges this in the interview (191).

Can you cook books and feed them to your husband?

Nervous Conditions is a non-fiction book that deals with the themes of poverty, the challenges faced by women trying to achieve their aims in life and the struggles they have to undertake to be able to succeed.

Who is Lucia in Nervous Conditions?

“Can you cook books and feed them to your husband? Stay at home with your mother. Learn to cook and clean. Grow vegetables.”

What does Tatenda mean?

The name Tatenda is primarily a male name of African origin that means Thank You.

What does Tawanda mean?

In her novel, Nervous Conditions, Tsitsi Dangarembga depicts her character Lucia as a woman who lives by her own set of rules despite being raised in a strict patriarchal society that has cultural norms set in place for a woman’s role in the family.

What does kudakwashe mean?

Tawanda derives from the Shona language of Zimbabwe and means “we are many.” Although Tawanda is traditionally a boy’s name, the name became gender-neutral in the Western world by the 1960s.

What is Tambu’s mother’s warning?

Baby name meanings, origin and religion. According to a user from Zimbabwe, the name Kudakwashe is of African origin and means “God’s will”. According to a user from Zimbabwe, the name Kudakwashe is of Zimbabwe origin and means “Will of God”.

What does Maiguru do after she leaves Babamakuru?

Tambu’s mother blames all the trouble on the young people becoming too influenced by English ways, and she warns Tambu to be careful. Tambu takes the warning seriously and decides to no longer accept everything she is taught at the convent without questioning it.

What does tambu experience on the morning of the wedding day?

Maiguru finally takes a stand against Babamukuru after the wedding. She insists that she’s tired of having to care for Babamukuru’s family and of being told what to do, so she leaves for five days. Upon her forced return, Maiguru is happier and more vocal about her beliefs.

How old is tambu at the end of Nervous Conditions?

Reading this concluding paragraph now, more than 30 years after reading it the first time, the elasticity of this concluding paragraph is even more impressive. The action of Nervous Conditions is set between 1968 (when Tambu is 13 years old) and extends to some time around 18 April 1980, Zimbabwean Independence Day.

How old was tambu when her brother died?

Tambu was 13 years old in 1968, the year her brother, Nhamu, died. He died at the mission where he went to school, an opportunity he was given because he was a boy. Nhamu was a bully and a snob, and his death opened a door for his clever and hard-working sister, Tambu, to get the education she had been denied.

Who is Lucia to tambu?

The morning of the wedding, Tambu discovers that she can’t get out of bed. Nyasha thinks that Tambu is sick, but Tambu knows that she just doesn’t want to get up. She lets Nyasha think she’s sick or paralyzed.

How does tambu compare her mother and Maiguru?

Lucia, Tambu’s youngest aunt on her mother’s side, is pregnant with the child of Babamukuru’s lazy distant cousin, Takesure. Takesure already has two wives who live elsewhere, so Babamukuru does not approve of him living in the homestead.

How does tambu describe the swimming holes near her home?

How does Tambu compare her mother and Maiguru? She likes Maiguru better because Tambu thinks thats Maiguru is a better mom, because she is educated.

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