What episode of Make It or Break It does Kaylie pass out?

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At the Edge of the Worlds.

What happens to Kaylee in Make It or Break It?

During Nationals, Kaylie defeated Kelly Parker to become national champion. She later developed anorexia and during the tests for the World Team, she fainted during her routine on the beam that sent her to the hospital.

Does Wendy get caught drugging Kaylie?

Kaylie learns that her drug test came back positive for a banned substance, but in the end, it’s revealed that Wendy drugged her which causes her to get kicked off the team. The end of the series reveals that Kaylie, Payson, Lauren & Jordan made the women’s Olympic gymnastic team.

Is Emily in season 3 of Make It or Break It?

The third season gives the writers a chance to do some tidying up, which fans should appreciate. I should stress that the network hasn’t officially announced there will be no Emily in the third (and presumably final) season. The show’s publicist couldn’t be reached tonight for comment.

Why did Make It or Break It get Cancelled?

The ratings fell as low as a 0.6 in the demo with 1.9 million but that was still enough for the cable channel to renew it for a second season of 20 episodes. The ratings got worse in season two but ABC Family still renewed Make It or Break It for a third season. This time however, they only ordered eight episodes.

Who Does Emily get pregnant by on Make It or Break It?

Damon and Emily end up having sex one night, pledging their love for one another. However, Emily soon finds out that she is pregnant with Damon’s baby.

Who is the mole in Make It or Break It?

Wendy is a mini Lauren and she gets what she wants. She rigged Kaylie’s drug tests by mixing pseudoephedrine into the smoothies she made, and she was the mole in the gym.

Why did Kelly Parker leave Make It or Break It?

When her mother, Sheila makes noise about this being a case of discrimination (since Jordan was kept and is black which is the same skin color of the coach), Kelly snaps that she’s quitting gymnastics to find a new path in life and “fires” her as her mother.

Why did Emily leave on Make It or Break It?

If you need a refresher, gymnastics wunderkind Emily left the show after finding out she was pregnant in the second season. Meanwhile, the actress who played her, Chelsea Hobbs, was pregnant in real life with her second child, an adorable boy named Kingston.

Do Emily and razor get together?

Razor is Emily’s co-worker at The Pizza Shack, and he likes Emily. He tells Damon, his band mate and friend, to watch over Emily while he is gone on his tour and to not get together with her. While away, he sends Emily a postcard telling her he misses her. Damon and Emily, however, do end up getting together.

Does Emily Kmetko go to worlds?

She becomes a member of the National Team and later is chosen for the World’s Team, but her career is jeopardized when she is arrested for stealing her brother, Brian’s, medication and by having a job at the Pizza Shack.

Why is Brian in a wheelchair make it or break it?

Brian Kmetko (played by Wyatt Smith) is Emily’s younger brother, and one of her biggest supporters. He uses a wheelchair and has a seizure disorder for which he takes medication.

Does Chloe leave Make It or Break It?

She leaves the show in season two because Emily got pregnant, with her ex-boyfriend, Damon’s child and decided to quit gymnastics, and move to Las Vegas to raise the baby with her god mother.

Who does Steve Tanner end up with?

He dated Emily’s mother Chloe but broke up with her because he didn’t feel like he could trust her. He and Summer get back together after Sasha leaves The Rock and they eventually get engaged in the same episode as the one where Sasha comes back (“Requiem For A Dream”).

What episode does Emily get pregnant?

“Make It or Break It” Requiem for a Dream (TV Episode 2011) – IMDb.

Do the girls in Make It or Break It do their own stunts?

UCLA Athletics Natalie Padilla (2007-08), Jordan Schwikert (2005-08) and Ariana Berlin (2006-09) are stunt doubles for two of the lead characters, and Tasha Schwikert (2005-08) is cast as a gymnast on the show.

Do Damon and Emily marry?

Damon eventually takes Emily’s virginity. In the meantime, Damon works on his music with Kaylie Cruz and they end up kissing in the recording booth (“Requiem for a Dream”). He later finds out that Emily quits gymnastics to be with him while he works on his music. They later get married and live a happy life.

What happened to Lauren in Make It or Break It?

While training for the Olympics, Lauren suffers bouts of dizziness and blackouts. She goes to a doctor who confirms she has a heart condition. Payson knows of this and wants Lauren to tell the truth but Lauren refuses, afraid of losing her spot on the team.

Who took Emily’s eggs?

After the procedure, her eggs were stolen by Ali’s ex-husband. Then, Ali became pregnant via donor eggs without her knowledge. Finally, it was revealed this week that the donor eggs she received were actually Emily’s stolen eggs.

Did the actors in make it or break it actually do gymnastics?

According to Cassie Scerbo, who plays Lauren Tanner on the ABC Family series, they do as much as they can and as much as they are allowed to do, but for insurance purposes, the more difficult gymnastics are performed by stunt doubles. “All the dancing stuff you see, we do,” says the 22-year-old native New Yorker.

Who does Sasha Belov end up with?

Later in season 2, Sasha brings Summer home after the 8th Annual Rock Banquet and says that he would like to get married, but it has to be with the right woman. He kisses Summer goodnight and leaves. He then realizes he wants her to be the women he marries. He goes back to her door and proposes.

Does summer find out Lauren sent the video?

Near the end of Season 3 and at the last episode, Summer finds out that it was Lauren who revealed the tape of Sasha and Payson kissing to Ellen Beals and says that she wants nothing to do with the family at all. The next time you see her isn’t until middle Season 4, while Lauren is in hospital with her condition.

Does summer end up with Sasha?

On the episode “And The Rocky Goes To…” Summer drunkenly declares Sasha a “lovable guy”. Sasha walks her home and says someday he wants to get married to the right woman and kisses her. After this point, the two appear to be dating. They mutually agreed to break up before Sasha left The Rock temporarily.

Does Lauren go to the Olympics in make it or break it?

In the show’s finale, viewers found out that all four girls — Kaylie, Payson, Lauren, and Jordan — make the Olympic team, but because the show ended before the actual events, no one knew what really went down during the athletes’ performances on the mat.

What happens to Marty on Make It or Break It?

Marty leaves the club after Steve Tanner blackmails him with information about the relationship between Marty and Ronnie Cruz. Marty begins coaching at the Denver Elite Gymnastic Club, where his top gymnast is Kelly Parker.

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