What happened to Nicky from Big Brother?

How did she die? Sadly, her illness reached crisis point during the UK’s third national lockdown and, tragically, Nikki lost her fight for life on Friday 9 April 2021. Her cause of death was listed as anorexia nervosa. She struggled with the illness until the end, something the documentary reveals.

Was Nikki Grahame buried or cremated?

The star – who was given her own reality show called Princess Nikki after her Big Brother success – was cremated in Ruislip, Middlesex, last month. Afterwards, her family held a celebration of her life for 30 guests. Sue said: “It was a party as that’s what Nikki would have wanted.

Who was in Big Brother with Nikki?

It was back in the summer of 2006 that Nikki and co-stars including her love interest and eventual winner Pete Bennett, Glyn Wise and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace went into the Big Brother house, while it was still a big ratings winner for Channel 4 and hosted by Davina McCall.

Did Nikki Grahame date Pete?

Pete enjoyed a romance with Nikki Grahame in the BB house, but their romance faded out after just six months. Pete appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show in 2010, where he revealed he is homeless. Since then, Pete has turned his life around and in 2016 set up a cleaning business called Celebriclean.

What hospital did Nikki Grahame go to?

Shortly before her death, the Big Brother star had been an inpatient at Dorset County Hospital, where she stayed for two weeks following a collapse at her mother’s house. She was later discharged from the hospital in Dorchester and had a BMI of just 10 when she died.

What was the Nikki Grahame documentary called?

Channel 4’s documentary, Nikki Graham: Who Is She?, provided a closer look into the star’s rise to fame as well as the difficulties she faced with her health.

How old was Nikki Grahame when she went into Big Brother?

Nikki Grahame was born in Northwood, London on 28 April, 1982. She was just 24 years old when she entered the Big Brother house and quickly became one of the nation’s best-loved reality stars.

How much did Nikki Graham weigh?

On the night before her death she rang her mum at 3am, telling her she had managed to make it to the toilet but was ‘so tired’. The following day she was found dead in her North London flat. She weighed just 4st 10lbs at the time.

How many times did Nikki go into Big Brother?

Nicola “Nikki” Grahame was originally a contestant on the UK version of Big Brother, appearing as a contestant on Big Brother 7 (UK) and Ultimate Big Brother, and later appearing as a special houseguest on Big Brother 16 (UK).

Where is Pete Bennett now?

Since then, Pete has turned into an actor and appeared in a number of low-budget films, including Female Zombie Riot (2016) and Crispy’s Curse (2017). He also went back into the music scene and moved from Bristol to Brighton in 2019 to start hosting his own karaoke night every Wednesday.

When was Nikki evicted?

On Day 58, Nikki was evicted from the house, receiving 37.2% of the public vote to evict.

Why did Dawn leave Big Brother?

After seven days in the House, Dawn received a message from her family saying “your sister is ill”. She was later observed to tell the other housemates that “I have a code” and “Something bad has happened, I need to leave”.

Where is Lea Walker now?

Lea Walker now Lea presented a radio show with Richard for two years (see above). She now has an OnlyFans account, as is the modern way and, from Twitter, seems as feisty and opinionated as ever.

Who was Nikki Grahame before Big Brother?

Before Big Brother 7, Nikki appeared as an extra in BBC one soap Eastenders and played a footballer’s wife in Sky One’s Dream Team. She was also a contestant on Blind Date in 2003 and a year later took part in the Miss Hertfordshire pageant, where she came fourth.

What channel is Nikki Grahame on tonight?

Nikki Grahame: Who is she? will air on Thursday, 7 April 2022 at 9PM on Channel 4.

Why was Pete not on the Nikki Grahame show?

Pete’s absence from Nikki Grahame: Who Is She? comes after his former co-star Imogen accused him of “seeking attention” from her death. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Imogen told us Pete had “cruelly betrayed” Nikki after posting a picture of her looking dangerously thin.

What illness does Pete Bennett have?

Determined to raise awareness of Tourette’s as “not just the swearing condition,” Pete Bennett, 40, who became famous in 2006 when he won the reality TV show, is taking part in a BBC Radio 4 documentary highlighting the positives that come with having the syndrome.

What did Imogen Thomas say about Pete?

‘He cruelly betrayed her memory’: Big Brother’s Imogen Thomas accuses Pete Bennett of ‘attention seeking’ following the death of her friend Nikki Grahame. Imogen Thomas, 39, hit out at Big Brother winner Pete Bennett on Sunday accusing him of attention seeking from the death of her late friend Nikki Grahame.

Who was the first winner of Big Brother?

Eddie McGee, center, was the very first winner of Big Brother.

Where is the Big Brother UK house?

After planning permission expired in 2002, Newham London Borough Council ordered the complex to be returned to a natural habitat. The house had been located at Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire since Big Brother 3 in 2002.

What is John James from Big Brother doing now?

You might remember John James, who now works as a DJ in Australia, and Josie met on the eleventh series of Big Brother in 2010.

What was Nikki Grahame famous for?

Nikki Grahame was born in Watford, England, on April 28, 1982. She rose to fame after entering the Big Brother house in 2006 for series 7 where she came in 5th place. As a youngster she developed anorexia and was admitted to psychiatric hospitals after a suicide bid aged 12.

Who said who is she on Big Brother?

Nikki amused fans with several diary room and garden meltdowns during her time on series seven. But by far the most iconic was her arm-flinging rant about fellow housemate Susie Verrico, which culminated in cries of ‘Who is she? Who is she? Where did you find her?

What year was bb7?

The series premiered on CBS on July 6, 2006, and lasted eleven weeks until the live finale on September 12, 2006.

Who is Bonnie Holt?

Bonnie Holt was a housemate on Big Brother 7 (UK).

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