What illness does Christina Haack?

“I have Hashimoto thyroid disease and PCOS [polycystic ovary syndrome], as well as skin flare-ups when I eat certain foods,” the California native said at the time via PopCulture, after one viewer asked her about her diagnoses.

What happened to Christina Haacks dog biggie?

“Due to behavioral issues,” Haack, who is also mom to daughter Taylor, 11 wrote, “I made the hard decision to have Biggie rehomed in the best interest of my children.” The newly engaged design star was met with messages of support from fans who also shared their re-homing stories.

What house does Christina Haack live in now?

‘Flip or Flop’ Star Christina Haack Buys $12 Million Newport Beach Mansion, Flips in Dana Point.

How does Christina on the Coast stay so thin?

She switches up her exercise routine. Though running is her main focus, when she can fit it in, Christina also loves yoga (she even made a Prenatal Power Yoga workout video when she was pregnant with Brayden), as well as Orangetheory Fitness, a combination of cardiovascular and strength training.

What Christina Haack eats in a day?

“I eat five small meals a day that usually consist of overnight oats for breakfast, a green juice for a snack, salad with a protein for lunch, granola bar as a snack, and then a healthy dinner of chicken or salmon and veggies, tacos or vegan chili,” Haack said.

What is Christina Haacks net worth?

Christina Haack is an American real estate investor and TV personality who has a net worth of $25 million USD.

Does Christina still have house in Tennessee?

Christina Haack recently bought a new house in Newport Beach, but she still has her second family home near Nashville, Tennessee. Here’s an inside look at the HGTV star’s $2.5 million house in the country.

How many dogs does Christina on the Coast have?

The 38-year-old HGTV personality shared an Instagram snap on Monday, October 4, alongside two pooches and her sons, Brayden, 6, and Hudson, 2.

What kind of car does Christina Haack drive?

Christina Hall—formerly Christina Anstead, El Moussa, and Haack—has expanded her house-flipping Christina on the Coast series to the country, driving her famous white Bentley and Range Rover along the way.

How did Christina Haack meet Joshua Hall?

According to a source, they’d first met years earlier during a real estate conference. “We’ve had a few solid months of just us getting to know each other and I’ve loved every second of it,” Haack wrote. The Wellness Remodel author also slammed critics who said the relationship came along too soon.

Does Christina on the Coast have a yacht?

Christina Anstead Follows in Ex-Husband Tarek El Moussa’s Footsteps and Buys a Yacht. She named the boat “Aftermath.”

Is Christina Haack vegetarian?

The HGTV star shared a look at her vegan lunch on her Instagram Story Friday, saying that boyfriend Joshua Hall let her pick the meal. Christina Haack enjoyed a lunch date with her new beau!

What happened to Tarek and Christina’s contractor Israel?

After two years of temporarily leaving, Izzy is back to become the HGTV series’ featured contractor again. Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa have moved on from their divorce, and are now loved-up in completely new relationships, which includes separate marriages and engagements.

Does Christina on the Coast have hair extensions?

Christina Anstead gave fans an in-depth look at her beauty regime on Thursday and in the process revealed her amazing hair makeover. The Christina on the Coast star posted a video on Instagram of herself having extensions and shared before and after pictures too.

How much did Christina and Tarek make per episode?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the couple made a total of $10,000 per episode of the first season, which was the shortest season with just 13 episodes.

How much does Tarek El Moussa make per episode?

How Much Does Tarek el Moussa Make From HGTV? In the early seasons of the show, Christina and Tarek earned a relatively paltry $10,000 per episode total. That worked out to around $130,000 for the season. By season three, their pay per episode was raised to $40,000 total, roughly $600,000 per season.

What is Heather Ray Young’s net worth?

Heather is worth an estimated $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

How rich is Tarek El Moussa?

Introduction. As of October 2022, Tarek El Moussa’s net worth is roughly $15 Million. What is this? Tarek El Moussa is a real estate investor and television personality and he is best known for being one of the hosts of the TV series ‘Flip or Flop’.

Where does Tarek El Moussa live now?

In July 2022, Heather and Tarek announced that they’re expecting their first child together! “Surprise!!! Baby El Moussa coming early 2023!!” It sounds like a new nursery is on the way — and we can’t wait to see it. Scroll to take a tour of Tarek and Heather’s Newport Beach home.

Will Christina on the Coast return in 2022?

I can finally share that ‘Christina on the Coast’ has been picked up for more episodes coming your way in 2022!” The reality star shared, “I’m super excited to get back to work and show you all the amazing renovations we have lined up!”

Did Christina Haack get rid of her puppy?

Christina Haack had to rehome her dog Biggie after experiencing some behavioral issues. The HGTV star, who has faced questions about the Rottweiler’s whereabouts after she stopped sharing photos of him on Instagram, explained to a follower that she made the decision for the sake of her children’s safety.

What did Christina Haack sell her home?

Christina Haack is ready to expand her living space with husband Joshua Hall. Newly married, the HGTV star has sold her oceanfront California home for $11.5 million — less than one year after buying the property, The Post can reveal.

What kind of car does Tarek drive?

They both love sports cars and it made sense to have one in the garage apart from the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo that Tarek has been meaning to upgrade for a more technologically advanced one. But, Tarek’s favorite is the 2014 GMC Sierra Denali.

Does Christina Haack have a new house?

New digs! Christina Hall (née Haack) gave fans a glimpse of her new family home with husband Joshua Hall — and the property is an interior designer’s dream. “Celebrating and settling in. Absolutely obsessed with our new home.

How do I hire Christina on the Coast?

Christina On The Coast is looking for homeowners with all types of homes ready to makeover two spaces. Please contact us today! Email: [email protected] with recent photos of you both, photos of your home and spaces you want to renovate, your phone number, city you live in and why you’d like Christina’s help!

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