What is it called when you watch a whole series?

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Definition of binge-watch transitive verb. : to watch many or all episodes of (a TV series) in rapid succession Even those of us who have bundled TV and broadband-Internet subscriptions from telephone or cable companies increasingly use them to binge-watch Netflix shows like Orange Is the New Black on an iPad …

What is bulimia in Oxford dictionary?

[uncountable] ​a mental illness in which somebody repeatedly eats too much and then forces themselves to vomit. Collocations Diet and exercise. put on/​gain/​lose weight/​a few kilos/​a few pounds.

How do you pronounce nervosa?

How do you say binge watch?

How do you say Cholethiasis?

What does the word nervosa mean?

The definition of nervosa in the dictionary is nervous.

How do you pronounce marasmus?

How do you pronounce anorthosite?

What is the synonym of binge?

[chiefly Scottish], carouse, revel, roister, wassail.

What is the best binge on Netflix?

  • Breaking Bad.
  • Orange Is the New Black.
  • Jane The Virgin.
  • The Walking Dead.
  • Sex Education.
  • Elite.
  • Dead to Me.
  • Money Heist.

What does cholelithiasis mean?

Cholelithiasis is the medical term for gallstone disease. Gallstones are concretions that form in the biliary tract, usually in the gallbladder (see the image below).

What are the 3 causes of gallstones?

  • Your bile contains too much cholesterol. Normally, your bile contains enough chemicals to dissolve the cholesterol excreted by your liver.
  • Your bile contains too much bilirubin.
  • Your gallbladder doesn’t empty correctly.

What is ERCP used for?

Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, or ERCP, is a procedure to diagnose and treat problems in the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, and pancreas. It combines X-ray and the use of an endoscope—a long, flexible, lighted tube.

What is the root word for anorexia?

The word has had this meaning in English since the 16th century, from the Greek anorexia, with its roots of an-, “without,” and orexis, “appetite” or “desire.”

Can you have anorexia without being underweight?

A person does not need to be underweight to have anorexia. Larger-bodied individuals can also have anorexia. However, they may be less likely to be diagnosed due to cultural stigma against fat and obesity. In addition, someone can be underweight without having anorexia.

What is the word anorexia nervosa mean?

Anorexia (an-o-REK-see-uh) nervosa — often simply called anorexia — is an eating disorder characterized by an abnormally low body weight, an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted perception of weight.

How do you speak kwashiorkor?

How do you pronounce cholera?

How do you pronounce pellagra?

Where is anorthosite found?

Major occurrences of Proterozoic anorthosite are found in the southwest U.S., the Appalachian Mountains (e.g., the Honeybrook Upland of eastern Pennsylvania), eastern Canada (e.g., the Grenville Province), across southern Scandinavia and eastern Europe.

How many hours is considered binge-watching?

Watching anywhere between two and six episodes of a TV series in one sitting is a behavior called binge watching, and it can have a negative impact on your health.

Why do I keep rewatching the same shows?

Studies have found that when people are faced with a choice to try something new or continue a habit they have, they tend to choose to keep things the same. This is called status quo bias, and we do it because maintaining habits we already have lowers the risk of distress or disappointment.

Is binge-watching an addiction?

Binge-watching addiction is not officially recognised, but the phenomenon is growing. iStock Problematic binge-watching isn’t defined by the number of episodes watched (although most researchers agree it’s at least two in a row), or a specific number of hours spent in front of the TV or computer screen.

Is binge a negative word?

Originally a negative word, which means to do something in excess – “binge” is nowadays used in a positive sense. This kind of viewing behaviour – binge-watching, binge-viewing or marathon-viewing – has been an accepted form of consuming entertainment content.

What is the synonym of minion?

Synonyms. follower. the ringleader and his two thuggish followers. henchman or woman or person. the Sheriff’s henchman, Sir Guy of Gisborne.

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