What is your damage quote?

What’s the damage?, meaning “how much will it cost?”, comes from the mid-18th century, says the Oxford English Dictionary. We couldn’t find a year of origin for What’s your problem? meaning “why are you upset?” However, according to the OED, that’s not my problem is from the late 1940s and that’s your (his, etc.)

Did Heather Duke have bulimia?

Heather Duke is bulimic and implied to also suffer from a starvation-related eating disorder of some kind. Heather Duke was also childhood friends with Martha, who Duke now participates (with the other Heathers as well as the rest of the school) in bullying Martha entirely due to her weight.

Who in Heathers has an eating disorder?

The classic hit movie ‘Heathers is a dark comedy about a high school. One of the most popular girls in school, Heather Duke, has bulimia.

Why did Heather Duke bully Heather McNamara?

At that point, Heather Duke begins to relentlessly bully Heather McNamara just as Heather Chandler had done to her, likely out of jealousy that the yellow Heather had been treated better than her. This causes Heather McNamara to attempt suicide but she is stopped by Veronica Sawyer.

What is your damage Heather quote?

Veronica Sawyer: All we want is to be treated like human beings, not to be experimented on like guinea pigs or patronized like bunny rabbits. Veronica’s Dad: I don’t patronize bunny rabbits. Veronica Sawyer: What is your damage, Heather? J.D.: Football season is over, Veronica.

What is your damage slang?

used for asking someone how much you have to pay them.

What does it mean when someone asks what is your damage?

idiom informal humorous. used to ask how much you have to pay for something.

What bullets does JD use?

Ich Lüge (lit. I lie), are bullets that J.D. claimed to be harmless tranquilizers that his grandfather acquired during World War II. Stating that the Nazis used these “ich lüge” bullets to fake their own suicide when the Russians invaded Berlin.

How tall are the Heathers?

Heaths grow about 1 foot tall by 1 1/2 feet wide; heathers about 2 feet tall by 2 to 3 feet wide. Space both about as far apart as their mature width and at least 2 feet away from other shrubs to foster good air circulation.

Does Veronica kiss Heather?

The morning after their Remington University party, she and J.D. visit Heather’s house in a plan for Veronica’s revenge: to make Heather “puke her guts out”. They offer her a wake-up cup full of milk and orange juice but Veronica gave her the wrong cup and gave her liquid drainer instead which kills Heather.

Why does Veronica go in the shower in Heathers?

In Heathers, Veronica walks into the locker-room showers in her Lycra dress to wash away the guilt of Heather Chandler’s murder.

Is Heathers the movie inappropriate?

Educated and mature pre teens (SPOILER ALERT) It contains sex, lots of violence and faked suicides that are murders committed by the two main characters.

What personality type is Heather Duke?

Heathers: Heather Duke [ISFP]

Who are the three Heathers?

The three Heathers were played by Jodie Steele (Heather Chandler), Bobbi Little (Heather Duke) and Frances Mayli McCann (Heather McNamara).

What does being a heather mean?

Basically, ‘Heather’ is the popular, beautiful, “desirable” person that everyone is in love with and wants to be with. On TikTok, people post videos (set to the tune of Conan’s song) saying they wish they were Heather, or about the time they lost out on their crush because their crush had found a Heather.

What happened Heather McNamara?

Attempted Suicide Heather McNamara runs out of the classroom and to the bathroom where she attempts suicide by overdosing on prescription drugs. Veronica runs into the bathroom to stop her, after a brief talk the two decide to skip the rest of the school day and go shopping. Veronica talking Heather out of suicide.

How much is the damage meaning?

used to ask how much you have to pay for something. Costs & expenses.

What gun has the biggest bullet?

The Pfeifer-Zeliska . 600 Nitro Express Revolver is the largest caliber handgun in the world, and the most powerful. To provide some context, this handgun is so huge that its . 600 Nitro Express rounds are actually British-made rifle bullets.

What did heather drink?

The only thing people drink at Westerburg High is Carnation milk. Heathers the musical, Heathers movie, Westerburg.

Why does Veronica Sawyer wear blue?

Veronica is part of the most popular clique in her high school known as The Heathers. Her signature color is blue, symbolizing her deep, contemplative, and thoughtful personality.

How old are the Heathers in Heathers?

In Heathers, most of the leading actors were under 20 — Shannen Doherty was 17, Christian Slater was 19. Winona was actually 15 when they started shooting, though she turned 16 during production.

Is JD a serial killer in Heathers?

Veronica, the main character but not necessarily the protagonist of the show, is in cahoots with her boyfriend JD who takes bad boy to a new level. In the film, she was more resistance toward JD and his abusive behavior and serial killer antic.

Was Veronica hanging from the ceiling?

In a preview clip exclusive to EW, J.D. (played by Christian Slater in the movie and now portrayed by James Scully) enters Veronica’s (Grace Victoria Cox, taking over for Winona Ryder) bedroom to find her hanging from the ceiling.

Why did Veronica burn herself in Heathers?

Veronica may save the school, but she’s also a self-loathing masochist–at one point, she burns herself with a cigarette later as a means of contrition. More importantly, she’s complicit in the suicide of her ex-boyfriend, and she rejects the social ladder altogether.

Why was blue cut from Heathers?

Although it was fun to write and it’s fun to perform, “Blue” has always been polarizing. Some thought “Blue” was wonderful and all in good fun. Others were offended, feeling we were treating date rape as a laughing matter. It went onto our list of things we knew we needed to alter or replace.

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