Who has an eating disorder in Waterloo Road?

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Dale is heartbroken and is told he cannot cycle until he conquers his eating disorder, which he ignores and continues to fast. Episode 17 sees Dale lose control of his life, blaming Maggie for his failure.

Who has schizophrenia in Waterloo Road?

Cassie Turner made her appearance in Series 5 Episode 7.

Why did Rose Kelly leave Waterloo Road?

After numerous complaints from Tom, Rose was evicted and had her kids taken from her. The head at the time, Rachel Mason, noticed the fact that Rose was an alcoholic and had near enough to no money in her pocket, so she was offered a job in the school canteen.

Does Bex come back in Waterloo Road?

Waterloo Road star Tina O’Brien has confirmed that the “seedy” past of her character Bex Fisher will be fully explored when the show makes its return. Bex – daughter of school headmistress Karen (Amanda Burton) – has so far only appeared briefly on screen but will soon be seen enrolling at Waterloo Road as a pupil.

Why did Waterloo Road merge with John Fosters?

Waterloo Road returns to BBC One next week with some new faces joining the cast of the popular school-based drama. The recession is being felt in the new series, local private school John Fosters closed after it collapsed when parents could no longer afford the fees and has been merged with Waterloo Road.

What episode does Josh have a breakdown in Waterloo Road?

BBC One – Waterloo Road, Series 7, Episode 24, Josh’s Breakdown.

What happened to Finn Sharkey Waterloo Road?

Denzil walks across a thin strip of bridge over a road but slips and barely hangs on. After pushing Denzil back over the platform, Finn loses grip, and infront of Tom, Karen, Sam, Kyle, Denzil and the police, Finn falls to the ground, breaking his back.

Why did Sambuca leave Waterloo?

Amy persuaded Lauren to plant the actual drugs on Sam which resulted in her nearly getting excluded. Disgusted with both of them, Sambuca decided to leave Waterloo Road for good, despite Deputy Head Christopher Mead trying to reason with her.

Do Marley and flick get back together?

After these events, Marley consoles a distraught Flick outside of the ruined school as her dad is being taken away in a police car. After this episode, Marley graduated from Waterloo Road and went off to university with Flick where they continue their relationship.

Why did Holly Kenny leave Waterloo Road?

In real life, meanwhile, Kenny chose to leave Waterloo Road in order to concentrate on her GCSEs, according to What’s On TV. Praising Sambuca’s dramatic final plotline, Kenny told the magazine: “I didn’t want her to just disappear.

Does janeece keep her baby?

Cheryl Bryant is the daughter of Janeece Bryant. Cheryl was originally going to be adopted by Ruby and John Fry as Janeece felt that she wasn’t ready for a baby; however, Janeece had a change of heart and decides to keep her.

What episode does Bex Fisher come back?

Well, we knew the missing Bex Fisher (former Coronation Street star Tina O’Brien) was going to turn up sooner or later and she does, making a dramatic entrance in the final episode of this sixth series and turning the Fisher family’s world upside-down.

Who gets pregnant in Waterloo Road?

Zoe Ramsden (portrayed by Claire Cooper) was a student at Waterloo Road in Series 1 Episode 3. She arrived at the school heavily pregnant and demanded to see headmaster, Jack Rimmer. She told Kim Campbell that she was the daughter of a the landlord of a pub where Jack used to drink.

Who was the longest headteacher in Waterloo Road?

Grantly Budgen (Philip Martin Brown, series 3−9; supporting series 1−2) is the longest-serving teacher in the school, and Head of English between series 1 and 4.

Who does Tom Clarkson end up with?

Soon afterwards Tom began dating Izzie. Tom decided to settle down with Izzie and her two daughters, Mika and Chlo Grainger, at the end of series 1.

Why did Josh Stevenson leave Waterloo Road?

Josh faces up to his future – he needs to live his own life away from Waterloo road but worries about how Tom will take it. In Episode 7, Josh leaves to go to Manchester to work at Lorraine Donnegan’s call centre. He tells Tom that he will make him proud, and Tom says he already is.

Who broke into Michael’s house Waterloo Road?

Wayne’s last appearance was in Episode 20 of Series 7 where he is seen leaving hospital before entering the school to confront Michael, after he lost everything after being kicked out of his house by his girlfriend, meaning he could no longer see his daughter, eventually, Wayne has a mental breakdown and finally …

Did any of the Waterloo Road cast date in real life?

Waterloo Road might be coming to an end, but there’s still a few show romances that are still going strong. One couple whose romance blossomed on the school-based show and are still together are Abby Mavers (curly-haired Dynasty Barry) and Tommy Lawrence Knight (the blue-eyed, baby-faced Kevin Chalk).

What happened to Holly Kenny?

Since starring in the show she has acted in Shameless, The Mill and In the Club. In recent years, however, Holly has retired from acting taking up a career as a dog walker, starting up her own dog walking company Puppy Power Hour.

Do Vicki and Ronan break up?

Things escalate when Vicki cannot cope with the stress anymore and starts to get physically abusive towards Ronan. Vicki begins counselling and Ronan takes her back, but this doesn’t last and he eventually breaks it off with her.

What did Evie Prior do?

Evie Prior (real name Alycia Cross) was a student at Waterloo Road who appeared in Series 7 Episode 4. Eight years before her arrival to Waterloo Road, Evie drowned her five-year-old cousin, Abi, and was forced to take on a new identity after her release from the Young Offender’s Unit.

Does Sambuca Kelly died in Waterloo Road?

Kenny first appeared in Waterloo Road on the first episode of the fourth series, broadcast on Wednesday 7 January 2009. Her final episode was on seventh series, which was broadcast on Wednesday 8 June 2011. After the character of Sambuca was killed off after suffering with a long-term brain tumour.

Who killed Maxine Waterloo Road?

Maxine “Max” Barlow (1991-2009) was a drug addict who dropped out of school, but she returned and became good friends with Janeece Bryant, Chlo Grainger and Steph Haydock. She had relationships with Lewis Seddon and Earl Kelly, before being murdered by Earl Kelly after breaking up with him.

What season does CHLO get pregnant?

Backstory. Chlo Grainger, a 17 year old student at Waterloo Road, discovered she was pregnant in Series 4 Episode 7 of Waterloo Road, with her husband, Donte Charles’ baby. While Chlo was horrified to discover she was pregnant, Donte was thrilled, saying this was the best thing to ever happen to them.

Does Kim get Grace back Waterloo Road?

Kim left for Rwanda at the end of the second series with Andrew. However, she later returned series 4 bringing with her a baby daughter, Grace. At first it seemed Grace was her own daughter, however Kim later confessed to Steph that she took Grace from Rwanda illegally.

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