Who is Sydney Carlson?

So who is Sydney Carlson? Sydney is a model, and, alongside her sisters Devon and Michelle, owns a phone case and accessory brand called Wildflower Cases. She has over 600k Instagram followers and over 150k followers on YouTube.

How did Devon and Sydney Carlson get famous?

Wildflower has taken social media and the world of tech accessories by storm, but was actually established accidentally. Starting back when Devon Carlson had a run in with Miley Cyrus in the bathroom of a Malibu restaurant, the alligning of the two stars led to a tweet gone viral.

Who is Devon Lee Carlson?

Devon Lee Carlson, an American fashionista and YouTuber, was born on August 3, 1994. At the young age of 17, she co-founded the brand, Wildflower Cases with her mother, Michelle, and sister Sydney. They worked to produce distinctive phone cover designs that stars like Bella Hadid and Lana Del Rey have sported.

Where did Sydney Carlson go to college?

Carlson holds degrees from the Eastman School of Music, East Carolina University, and the University of Houston.

Why are the Carlson sisters famous?

Devon and Sydney Carlson are the co-founders of Wildflower Cases, the hottest phone case brand at the moment. Creating this enterprise was just the first step in launching the careers of the two girls everyone wants to be.

Who are Devon and Sydney Carlson parents?

Her father Dave Carlson is a graphic designer and her mother is a homemaker turned entrepreneur, of Wildflower Cases. Devon Lee Carlson also has a younger sister Sydney Carlson, who is a popular vlogger and also owns the brand Wildflower Case. Her sister has her own YouTube channel named ‘Sydney Carlson’.

Why do people like Devon Lee Carlson?

It’s no secret why everyone loves Devon: her charisma and the energy she radiates through the screen means you can never get enough of her. From her Paris Fashion Week vlogs to her vintage designer hauls, there’s never a dull moment or an outfit you wouldn’t want to steal.

Why are Wildflower Cases so popular?

These cute cases are so popular because of their quality. They are handmade and their quirky designs stand out. They are built to be protective, but not as much as LifeProof. The average price of a Wildflower case is $35 dollars, which is pretty expensive for a case.

Did Devon Carlson attend college?

Carlson ended up doing a semester at community college before dropping out, deciding to focus exclusively on the family business.

Why did Devon Lee join Cobra Kai?

Devon Lee Smart and quick-tempered, the former Eagle Fang student becomes a member of Cobra Kai when her new dojo is bought out by Silver. Paired up with tournament rival Tory Nichols, she slowly forms a bond with the Queen Cobra when she reveals she lost her mother to cancer.

Does Devon Lee Carlson have tattoos?

Aside from her vanity, Carlson gives me a tour of her eight tattoos, pointing out each one on her arms and ankles and sharing the full story behind them in chronological order.

Who owns Wildflower Cases?

Wildflower Cases is a women owned and operated iPhone accessories company in Los Angeles, California. Each exclusive and limited edition fashion iPhone accessory is designed by founder Michelle Carlson and her two daughters, Devon and Sydney Carlson.

When was wildflower created?

We started Wildflower in 2012 when Instagram just started talking off. When Sydney was 14, and I was 17, we were creating social media accounts for Wildflower on every platform we could think of ( just for fun).

How was wildflower created?

It all started with a selfie What started as a passion project soon morphed into a full-blown business after a chance encounter with singer and actress, Miley Cyrus at a Los Angeles restaurant. After running into her, Devon asked Miley for a photo and it was at that moment Miley noticed the phone case.

Where are wildflower cases manufactured?

Now the cases are made by a team of people in a factory in Shenzhen, China, who he describes as being “like family to us.”

Are Wildflower Cases protective?

Q: Are Wildflower cases protective? A: We’ve designed our cases to be very protective however, we do not claim to be a “rugged” type of case that is designed to protect your iPhone when mishandled or dropped. We consider each Wildflower a fashion accessory. Our cases are limited edition and require certain care.

How did Jesse and Devon meet?

Devon and Jesse met in high school. “I was a freshman and he was a senior, but we grew up in the same town and were friends on Facebook,” she shares, explaining that they started talking after they both graduated.

Who did Devon Lee Carlson dating?

Who is Devon Lee Carlson’s boyfriend? Carlson is rumored to be dating Duke Nicholson, or Duke Norfleet, Jack Nicholson’s grandson. However, she has also been linked to Julian Casablancas.

Who is older Devon or Sydney?

Below Devon, 27, and Sydney, 24, reflect on 10 years of Wildflower, seeing their designs on Euphoria’s second season, and the importance of wearing what you want to wear.

Who is Devon Lee Carlson stylist?

“Dev already has a lot of gorgeous hair, so it was perfect,” says hairstylist Kiley Fitzgerald, who confirms the duality theory by citing both the ’90s supermodel Barbie and Carla Bruni as styling inspiration.

Are wildflower cases easy to take off?

It is an original Wildflower case and I would definitely purchase it again. This product slips on well but is simple to take off. The back is smooth and the case is a durable material.

How long does it take to get your Wildflower case?

Standard shipping in the U.S. is 3-7 business days from the day the order is shipped. International orders can take anywhere from 7 days to 3 weeks. Every order will receive a shipping confirmation email which will include a tracking link where you can track your package along the way.

Are wildflower cases worth?

It was definitely worth every penny. It is protective and not too thick either. It is an original Wildflower case and I would definitely purchase it again.

Who owns Eagle Fang Cobra Kai?

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What type of karate is Eagle Fang?

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