Who is the girl in the YSL ad?

Exclusive: Zoë Kravitz on the importance of “being unapologetically yourself” As an actress, singer, model and global make-up ambassador for YSL Beauté, Zoë Kravitz’s achievements are vast for someone who’s still shy of her thirties.

Is YSL controversial?

The fashion brand’s latest campaign is causing a lot of controversy. Yves Saint Laurent has been asked to change its new autumn/winter 2017 advert campaign by the French advertising watchdog on the grounds that it is “degrading” to women.

What is the music in the YSL advert?

Actress Zoe Kravitz, daughter of Lenny, stars in this TV ad for YSL’s Black Opium eau de parfum fragrance, on a journey through a night-time cityscape. The song is The Hills by The Weeknd. It’s available to download on iTunes.

Who is in the Saint Laurent commercial?

YSL Beauté has been graced with a new face: American pop and rock star Lenny Kravitz. His daughter Zoë is already known to be the brand ambassador and face of the Black Opium perfume line, and now Lenny will adorn the campaign for the masculine fragrance Y Eau de Parfum.

Does Dua Lipa model for YSL?

The star chats with BAZAAR.com about her newest campaign with YSL Beauty. When it comes to fragrance, singer-songwriter Dua Lipa knows what she likes. “I normally only ever use one perfume for both day- and nighttime,” Lipa, who has served as YSL Beauty’s Libre collection ambassador for the last few years, says.

Is Yves Saint Laurent on Netflix?

The authorized film, entitled “Yves Saint Laurent,” was directed by Jalil Lespert and came out in U.S. theaters last summer (it is now available on Netflix).

Who is the woman in the YSL advert 2021?

The advert once again has Zoë Kravitz strutting her stuff to the sound of the Weeknd but this time, the neon levels in the night-time city have been cranked up to 11.

Is Lenny Kravitz in Yves Saint Laurent commercial?

There’s a Better Way to Measure TV & Streaming Ad ROI Before going onstage, Lenny Kravitz makes sure to spray on his Y scent from Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. The renowned musician flashes back to his past and remembers when he was first becoming the iconic guitar player he is today.

Who is the black man in the YSL commercial?

YSL Beauté has released a new commercial for its Y fragrance, starring Maroon 5 frontman and brand ambassador Adam Levine.

Who is the face of YSL Libre?

Dua Lipa is the Face of YSL New Fragrance Libre | Fragrance campaign, New fragrances, Lipa.

Is Dua Lipa in YSL commercial?

The hit fragrance from YSL Beauté is launching its fourth iteration of the scent, with a “le parfum” level that amps up the power. Dua Lipa returns as the face of the fragrance for the new campaign, with stills shot by photographer Tyler Mitchell and a short film from Grammy-winning music video director Jenn Nkiru.

Who is the new YSL model?

Dua Lipa is fittingly free in the new campaign advertisement on Monday (April 12) for YSL Beauty’s Libre Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette. “Don’t be afraid of your freedom,” she says in the clip as she climbs up a set of stairs to the top of a building, where she removes her top and bares all to the city below.

Who is the model in the Libre ad?

French fashion, beauty and perfume brand Yves Saint Laurent promote their new Libre women’s fragrance with the help of British model and singer Dua Lipa.

Does Dua Lipa wear Libre?

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty ambassador Dua Lipa is back for the Libre Le Parfum 2022 campaign. Since she was given the role in 2019, she has appeared in several different advertisements.

Where can I watch Yves Saint Laurent movie?

Watch Yves Saint Laurent – Stream Movies | HBO Max.

What does Zoë Kravitz smell like?

In 2018 she told The Cut that her home smells like “Nag Champa, weed, and good food being cooked.” She also told ELLE Canada, “I always try to travel with the same incense—I like Nag Champa—or candle. When it smells the same everywhere you go, I feel like you can trick your senses into feeling like you’re at home.”

What perfume does Dua Lipa advertise?

L’Oréal-owned Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has released its latest fragrance, with Fragrance Ambassador Dua Lipa as its face. The new Libre scent is infused with orange blossom, lavender, neroli, mandarin, vanilla and mandarin.

What fragrance does Zoë Kravitz?

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Extreme Eau de Parfum For Kravitz, a spritz of Black Opium Extreme helped make the past year more bearable. “I feel like I didn’t have the emotional strength to do a lot of makeup, but scent is something that’s a part of my routine.

Who is the guy on the horse in the Bahamas Commercial?

New Marketing Campaign Featuring Lenny Kravitz Invites Travelers to Fly Away to The Bahamas.

What does Lenny Kravitz cologne smell like?

Lenny Kravitz was named as the face of the luxury French house’s Y cologne, a citrus-infused woody scent with notes of bergamot, sage, and cedarwood. (Daughter Zoë Kravitz is already a global ambassador of the high-end label’s cosmetics and fragrance lines).

What cologne does Lenny Kravitz wear?

“I’ve always been a fan of Yves Saint Laurent. Of his work, his aesthetic, his lifestyle, his boldness,” Kravitz said in a statement from the brand. “He was super eclectic and drew from so many places. I also happened to already wear a lot of Saint Laurent.

Is YSL Libre unisex?

Libre Le Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent is a Amber Floral fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Libre Le Parfum was launched in 2022. Libre Le Parfum was created by Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim.

What’s Dua Lipa real name?

Incredibly… Dua’s real name is actually Dua Lipa. Her given name means ‘Love’ in Albania.

When did YSL Libre intense come out?

Libre Eau de Parfum Intense is a perfume of “an intense woman living her roaring freedom and following her instincts,” coming out in August 2020.

Who is the face of YSL beauty?

dua lipa is the new face of ysl beauty.

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