Why did Joey have bruises in Grand Army?

Dom accidentally throws a basketball at her and Joey loses her cool and confronts her angrily before walking out. Dom runs after her in the bathroom and sees bruises on Joey’s inner thighs. At home, Jay is preparing to return to school for his hearing after the suspension.

What was Joey doing in the bathroom in Grand Army?

They don’t stop and Joey asks for Tim’s help but Tim ignores the whole thing, essentially becoming complicit by remaining silent — Joey has been raped. After the taxi ride is over, Joey is traumatized and crying. She heads to a bathroom and cleans herself up. There’s blood on the tissue.

What did Luke and George do to Joey?

In third episode “Relationship Goals,” Joey is raped by two of her closest friends — George Wright (Anthony Ippolito) and Luke Friedman (Brian Altemus) — while her actual crush, Tim Delaney (Thelonius Serrell-Freed), silently watches on. It’s a painful scene with a purpose.

Why did Grand Army end like that?

What is likely the larger reason for cancelation is the controversy surrounding the production of the series which lead multiple writers to quit due to the alleged “racist exploitation and abuse” by series showrunner Katie Cappiello.

Why did Grace pour a drink on Leila?

She gets jealous easily, as seen when she pours a drink on Leila at a party after seeing her with George, and then blaming Luke’s fall on her. She is protective of Luke and George and is uncompassionate towards Joey when the news that Joey was raped by the two boys goes around.

Why is Grand Army Season 2 Cancelled?

Is ‘Grand Army’ Renewed For Season 2? Despite excellent reviews, ‘Grand Army’ did not impress Netflix enough. The show premiered on the platform on October 16, 2020, and the streamer canceled it in June 2021 after just one season.

Who outed Sid in Grand Army?

Sid started the series with a girlfriend but by the end, his family, friends and fellow Grand Army students knew that he was gay after he was outed by his sister’s ex-boyfriend.

What happened to Joey in Grand Army Season 1 episode 3?

The third episode of the series is ironically named “Relationship Goals,” and in the episode, the unafraid and bold Joey is sexually abused by two of her closest friends George Wright (Anthony Ippolito) and Luke Friedman (Brian Altemus).

What does Doms mom want her to do in Grand Army?

Dom’s mother makes an uncomfortable proposal. Grand Army Episode 5, “Valentine’s Day,” begins at Dom’s house with her and her mom prepping cards for her younger sister to take to school. Dom’s mom has an idea for her to make $10,000, and honestly, I’m not entirely sure what was being proposed.

Why is Joey’s hair falling out?

Joey Logano has an autoimmune disease that attacks hair follicles, and he’s being up front about the condition – The Athletic.

Was the Grand Army Cancelled?

‘” Burke’s analogy, unbeknownst to him at the time, paints a broader picture here: “Grand Army” was scrapped after a single season but similar shows were not. “13 Reasons Why” ran for four seasons before its finale and audiences can expect the second season of “Euphoria” on HBO in 2022.

Does Tim tell the truth in Grand Army?

When they meet up, Luke and George remain adamant that they did nothing wrong. Anna defends them and attacks Joey. But Tim finally speaks up and says that what Joey said was the truth. Unfortunately, it’s too little too late as Joey has already walked away.

Why did Leila send the bomb threat?

Leila has been a constantly volatile figure chasing identity, acceptance, attention, with deep-seated resentment when she doesn’t get it. When she sends the bomb threat, she wants that forced coming together among people that happened right after the bomb went off in the first episode.

Why did Joey go to the doctor in Grand Army?

Joey heads to the hospital to get checked by a rape kit. Her parents are supporting her. At school, Omar speaks to Leila and tells her she’s an understudy for the casting and she’s offended.

Are Tim and Joey dating in Grand Army?

Throughout the Series Even though Joey is “off limits”, Tim seems to have real feelings for her. They often sit together and flirt or even kiss from time to time. Tim wants it to be something more, but Joey seems to push back, especially after Tim’s sister Anna told her not to make any moves.

How old should you be to watch Grand Army?

Good if your teen is mature My teens (13 and 15) have both expressed how not only is it a pretty accurate portrayal of real life as a teenager but how they really liked that it showed real struggles teens face.

What are they doing in the beginning of Grand Army?

Grand Army begins with a classic introduction, a scene of Black female students in the gym locker room banging against the lockers and singing along to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.” But there is no time to focus on them before the story turns to Joey Del Marco (Odessa A’zion), who seems to be the melodrama’s focus.

Who is Grace in Grand Army?

Keara Graves (born April 26, 1999) is an Canadian actor, content creator, and singer. They portray Grace on Netflix’s Grand Army.

Why does Netflix cancel good shows?

Great shows that Netflix cancels due to what they deem is low viewership. Great shows that are buried among a giant pile of content Netflix pushes out every week, so they’re ignored or left in limbo.

Where did they film Grand Army?

Principal photography took place in both Toronto and New York City from May to September 2019, with most indoor scenes in Toronto and most outdoor and subway scenes in New York City.

What should I watch after Grand Army?

  • Degrassi: Next Class. The modern-day version of Degrassi, Degrassi: Next class is about the daily struggles of high school life and all the drama that comes with it.
  • After.
  • Deidra and Laney Rob a Train.
  • All the Bright Places.
  • On My Block.

Does Sid have an STD Grand Army?

Grand Army Episode 4 recap: Sid meets his Grindr hookup. Sid blows her off and decides to hook up with that guy from Grindr instead. Later, Sid is forced to deal with the possible ramifications of the random hookup: an STD.

How did Sid get outed?

Sid Vicious jammed a broken bottle into the face of BBC recording engineer George Nicholson. Harris was rescued by the Procol Harum road crew, who grouped around him and escorted him out of the club, where they found that police had had to cordon off the entire block.

Who is Sid’s girlfriend in Grand Army?

Flor is Sid’s current girlfriend who he has been dating for a while. She is understanding of the pressure he is under to get into a good school and is close friends with his sister, Meera. Grand Army is Marcela’s first television role.

What language is Dom speaking in Grand Army?

Dom’s storyline offers an intimate look into being a first-generation American who has non-English speaking family members. When Dom is with her family, she primarily speaks Creole with her mother Antoinette (Magaly Colimon) and sister Sabine (Sagine Sémajuste).

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